Green in Action during Project Week

Green in Action

by Seoyul Choi

Project Week is a one-week trip where students engage in personal challenges and community services. One of the project weeks in 2023 was a sustainability-themed trip, ‘Green in Action’. Some key activities during the week are as follows. 


Urban Mushroom Farm 

A visit to a mushroom farm upcycling organic waste such as coffee waste, wood chips, corn cob, rice bran, and rice straw to grow mushrooms. Learn more about Urban Mushroom Farming here: https://urbanmushroomhk.wixsite.com/welcome 


WWF Island House

A visit to a World Wide Fund for Nature Island House Conservation Studies Centre located in Tai Po. Here, students gained insight into the issues of microplastics in the ocean by filtering seawater and examining the residue with a microscope. Learn more about the program “Undiscovered Truth” here: https://wwfhk.awsassets.panda.org/downloads/ihss_ut_info_eng_20212022.pdf 


Organic Farming at Natural Network

Students spent time away from the city to learn to live hand-in-hand with nature. Students learned to utilize food sources from nature to cook and what it means to live a low-carbon life. Learn more about this program here: https://www.nnw.hk/?fbclid=IwAR2GWDV6bejjnBbpo0Akls1IDAvukVuwlHfwrDpYNleJduoNYPfLVZs4XFw 


Wet Market Food Collection Service (PSCHK)

As a collaborative activity of sustainability and community service, students engaged in the Wet Market Food Collection Service, where they gathered leftover food from the wet market that was not needed and distributed it to people in need. Students learned the importance of reducing food waste and supporting low-income individuals in society through this activity. Learn more about this program here: https://pschk.org/en/experience-activities/food-recycling-experience-tour-in-the-market/ 


Lamma Oyster Restoration Project

Despite their countless roles in the biosystem, oyster reefs are endangered worldwide. Thus, in Hong Kong, NGOs such as OysterSOS and The Nature Conservancy are striving to restore the populations of oysters by installing oyster reefs. Students in LPCUWC participated in the oyster shell formation activity led by OysterSOS, contributing to the oyster reef restoration project in Hong Kong. Learn more about this program here: https://www.oystersos.org/who-we-are 


Recycling Fun Fair at Green@Community Tai Po

Students led a fair on sustainable lifestyle and recycling at Green@Community Tai Po, which is one of the community recycling stations in Hong Kong. Here, students conducted several workshops engaging the local community, such as making organic mosquito repellents, education and games on materials that are recyclable, and second-hand book redistribution. Learn more about Green@Community here: https://www.wastereduction.gov.hk/en-hk/waste-reduction-programme/greencommunity