Campus goes plastic bag-free for shopping

In a resounding victory for sustainability, the Student Sustainability Committee at UWCD has thrown its full support behind a groundbreaking initiative to eliminate plastic bags from the campus. Spearheaded by a passionate group of students, this eco-conscious campaign aims to promote the use of reusable cloth bags as a sustainable alternative.
Recognizing the urgency of the plastic waste crisis and the need for immediate action, the Sustainability committee agreed to expand the initiative and transform the entire campus into a plastic bag-free zone. To facilitate this transition, students proposed motivating their peers and staff members to embrace reusable cloth bags that can be washed and reused multiple times in ordinary washing machines.
To ensure widespread access to these environmentally friendly bags, the committee decided to make them the property of the school. By doing so, these bags would remain readily available to everyone, enabling students and staff members to adopt sustainable shopping practices effortlessly.
Drawing on their creativity, the students developed an appealing and functional design for the bags, which have been ordered in the appropriate quantity. Furthermore, to enhance convenience, several designated points across the campus have been established for bag collection and drop-off.
To encourage individuals to embrace the use of these reusable bags, an agreement has been reached with the campus security gate. Plastic bags are no longer permitted within the campus premises, and individuals carrying them must transfer the contents to eco-friendly bags before entering. This collaborative effort emphasizes the collective responsibility we share for the environment and encourages a sustainable mindset among the campus community.
To ensure the smooth operation of this initiative, a dedicated person has been appointed to monitor the availability of bags at all points across the campus. This individual will be responsible for ensuring an adequate supply of bags, guaranteeing that they are always accessible in the necessary quantities.
The Student Sustainability Committee’s decision to transform the campus into a plastic bag-free zone reflects a commendable commitment to environmental stewardship. By championing this initiative and providing reusable cloth bags to the campus community, students are driving positive change and promoting a more sustainable future.


Samvel Hakobyan