CAS-Service with Sustainability Focus: ‘Fruit Up’

Within the CAS program at UWC Robert Bosch College, social and community service plays a central role: every Wednesday morning instead of classes, students attend weekly service sessions in around 20 institutions in Freiburg, or support projects on campus. Many of these focus on social or ecological sustainability.

For the service ‘Fruit-Up’, a group of seven students meets in the College’s kitchen every Wednesday morning to bake cake, muffins or banana bread or to make jam out of (ripe) fruit provided by the local food bank. The baked goods and jams are sold to the community in the College’s staff room. With the money earned, the team buys food to cook meals at Ferdinand Weiß Haus (FWH) in Freiburg, a shelter for homeless people and people in need.

“It’s a meaningful activity for me to engage in every Wednesday morning: using fruit that would otherwise be thrown away to bake or make jam (both have become quite popular at the College), and provide nourishing meals for people in need out of the revenue created”, says supervisor Wiebke, the College’s HR Manager.

The activity an cooperation with FWH exists since 2015, when the service program launched at the College.