Students and staff members in an organic farm during a sunny day

Community Action Week: Fostering Sustainable Impact

During Community Action Week, across 11 diverse Costa Rican communities, our students and faculty harnessed the power of sustainability to drive meaningful change. At the heart of these initiatives lies our guiding document, the Sustainability Framework, which serves as the compass for all our sustainability efforts.

One particularly enriching focus during this Community Action Week was the theme of “Sustainability & Interconnection.” This unique perspective allowed participants to delve into the intricacies of sustainable living and its profound connection to our environment.

The week unfolded as a journey of discovery, with a spotlight on our future campus in San Isidro. Participants delved into the realm of regenerative food systems, gaining invaluable insights from visits to eco-farms like Colectivo Agrícola del Zurquí. Additionally, they had the privilege of learning from diverse community projects and institutions, including the renowned EARTH University. These experiences expanded their understanding of sustainability and forged lasting connections with the communities we serve.

Community Action Week’s “Sustainability & Interconnection” theme exemplified the profound impact sustainable practices can have on individuals and communities. Guided by our overarching Sustainability Framework, this initiative showcases our dedication to fostering positive change through sustainable community engagement. As we reflect on the experiences shared by participants, we’re reminded of the lasting legacy we’re building for the future of UWC Costa Rica. Together, we’re shaping a more interconnected and sustainable world.