Esperienza Carsolina: cheese making workshop

Our CAS activity ‘Esperienza Carsolina’ is a social service and creative activity we offer to local primary school children. Out students prepare fun and interactive sessions, where we learn through games about the local environment and how to protect it. During the first term we focused on our local landscape, what type of soil we have, what farming practises exist and we visited a local sheep farm to spend an afternoon with a shepherd and his flock of ‘istriano-carsolina’ sheep.

In the second term, we got our hands dirty: we milked the sheep by hand and made delicious local cheese! We learned about subsistence farming vs industrial one, how farmers care for their animals, the nutritional value of a local farm fresh product and the costs that go along with it. We talked about sustainable food systems and consumer education.

The lamb and rabbit cuddles were as important as all the things we learned and shared with the local children…


Giulia Postal