UWC Costa Rica educator eating an edible flower

Food for Thought: Experiential Education and Sustainability at UWC Costa Rica

Professional Development for teachers and Co-curricular staff

Looking towards new educational paradigms that focus on creating bridges and interconnections between knowledge areas, we at UWC Costa Rica are asking ourselves: How can the current educational structure of the College adjust to our world’s future educational needs and to a culture of sustainability?

This implies looking at our current curricula and programs to identify existing structures and new opportunities for deepening connections between subjects, areas of work, projects, concepts, and interests. 

To help us in this process, last week (Sept. 12, 13 and 14) we had a professional development workshop for all our teaching and Co-curricular staff, facilitated by two of our Board members: Laurie Frank, experiential education expert, and Darlene Fisher, consultant and International Accreditation Leader for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), as well as Jennifer Seydel, Executive Director at Green Schools National Network and expert in whole-school approach to sustainability. 

Using the UWC Costa Rica Sustainability Framework as our foundation, the facilitators led participants through experiential learning design and pedagogy methodologies to extend learning beyond the classroom, connect with local contexts, and create opportunities to develop transdisciplinary learning engagements. Ultimately, this helps the College align with its strategic vision for sustainability and community partnerships.