Food Waste to Biogas Plant

The Biogas Plant at UWC Mahindra College converts 200 kg of food waste into 15 cubic meters of biogas (methane) used for cooking food in our Cafeteria. 

a fixed dome bio-methanation digester is fed daily with crushed food waste from our Cafeteria. Hydrogen sulphide gas is scrubbed out using a cylinder filled with iron filings. Biogas is used for continuous heating processes such as boiling rice, potatoes, and making chai. Annually, about 3 tons of biogas is produced, which substitutes about 1 ton of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and saves about 3 tons worth of CO2e. 


UWC Mahindra College Biogas plant – Biogas being used in MUWCI cafeteria

Picture: Ashwin Paranjpe 


Ashwin Paranjpe