Green Heart Blossoming

Increased activity and planning around the multi-purpose Green Heart outdoor learning space has moved into high-gear this past year, setting the stage for more to come.

We shared the celebratory news last term of the Rainforest Restoration’s nursery permanent move to the Green Heart. Home to more than 200 indigenous and endangered plant species, moving to the Green Heart has spurred new activity and engagement across the sustainability and facilities’ teams, and our broader learning community.  This is really exciting as the Green Heart was always intended for education and community outreach, and to be a hub for Dover’s sustainability programming.

Rainforest Restoration members participated in four workshops held by NUS and NParks, to increase their skills on nursery management and learn how planting helps address deforestation in Singapore. The Facilities team created a new rainwater capture system in the space to ensure sustainable and controlled watering for the nursery. Plans are underway for a learning classroom and further signage to come in the new year.

“As we roll out the new Grade 9 and 10 courses, there is more scope for ambitious teaching and learning. The nursery at the Green Heart provides both a location and cause that educators can use to create real-world learning experiences for students facing relevant problems in our community,” shares Judson Tomlin, Dover lead for the Rainforest Restoration project.

We are excited by the progress and direction the Green Heart has seen this past year, and look forward to sharing more next year!


Chris Sparks