Green Week & Sustainability Days

SUSCO, The Student Sustainability Council here at UWC Adriatic, are very active throughout the school year; each term, they pool their efforts to host a Green Week to raise and awareness and facilitate educational activities surrounding sustainability.

The latest Green week involved external speakers coming in to offer educational workshops on microplastics, small group sessions exploring intersectional themes related to climate issues such as eco-feminism and colonialism and sustainability and also fun activities like raw vegan cookie making. Lessons were also suspended for one of the days, on what is termed a Day 0 to allow all students to participate in round table discussions on key topics grouped under 3 pillars: social, economic and environmental. Prompts included: Are humans morally obligated to be sustainable? How is it possible to implement sustainable technologies in developed and developing countries? How does the climate change crisis directly affect underrepresented communities? Green weeks are always a highly successful way for our College community to come together and consider a solutions-focus approached to sustainability.


Giulia Postal