Kayaking at LPC

by Katrin Jurgens

Kayaking is a popular activity at LPC, making the most of the coastal surroundings and natural beauty of Hong Kong. During the sessions students carry kayaks down to the local bay and venture into the surrounding Tolo Harbour.

Students developed a greater environmental understanding, as kayaking is an eco-friendly form of transportation that relies on human power rather than fossil fuels. It allows students to explore the local nature and coastal areas without contributing to air or noise pollution in the city.

The close interaction with nature furthermore fosters a sense of appreciation and understanding of the environment around the school. The students who kayak develop a connection with the beautiful ecosystem explored which leads to an increased environmental awareness and a desire to protect these habitats. 

Students are excited to venture even futher as they gain experience in sea kayaking, to experience even more natural diversity and the beauty of Hongkong’s waters.


Craig Hamilton