Outdoor and nature experience in Val Saisera

“The place we are visiting is absolutely incredible, not just because of its beautiful nature, but also because history and culture are part of the landscape itself!”

For most first year students, this is the first time seeing the Alps and many of them were in awe of their beauty. The walk really had something to offer for all tastes!

Inside a millenary pine, spruce and deciduous tree forest, students also  visited the “Parco Tematico della Grande Guerra/ Abschnitt Saisera”, where they were able to see with their own eyes the defensive lines that troops built in the forest to survive during World War I. They walked in the tunnels, entered the wooden shelters, and walked steep paths on top of giant boulders!

For the future ESS specialists and plant enthusiasts, staff prepared a list of flowers and herbs with pictures and descriptions to help people learn how to identify them during the hike.

For those who wanted to feel more connected with nature, they took off their shoes and walked barefoot on grass, trampled on leaves in the forest, climbed rocky paths or moss carpets, a few brave individuals soaked in the cold waters of mountain rivers flowing down the valley from the peaks – a real treat for the soul!

“It is not every day that you can bathe in pure glacier water. This hike was definitely worth it!”


Giulia Postal