Peace COP Day 2024

Dora Kovac

As part of the Peace COP day, which took place on January 18 here at the LPC, various activities were offered to explore and promote the concept of peace. One of these activities was the construction of insect houses, a creative way to create a home for our animal cohabitants.

The course began with the design of the insect house models. The students had the opportunity to contribute their creative ideas and to think about how the houses should be designed. Subsequently, the plans were put into practice. For this purpose, pieces of wood were cut and glued together with hot glue to ensure a stable construction.

Students cutting the wood in the right size

In order to offer the insects an attractive and functional home, different natural materials were collected. Leaves, twigs, bark and pine cones were used to fill the interiors of the insect houses. The materials were arranged in layers to offer the insects different nesting and hiding possibilities.

After completion of the construction work, the insect houses were hung in a suitable place. The students decided to install the houses behind the Peace Center. Here they were fastened with cords or ribbons.

The activity was a great success, as the students not only enjoyed building the insect houses, but also developed an awareness of the importance of protecting and maintaining insect populations. Insects play an important role in the ecosystem, contributing to the pollination of plants and serving as food for other animals.

Building the insect houses on Peace COP Day was not only an entertaining activity, but also an opportunity to educate the students about environmental awareness and the importance of protecting nature.

Students finalising their insect hotel together

Another interesting activity was “nourishing the senses”, where the students could experience their senses through cooking and creating delicious food.

The introduction of the upcoming culinary adventure started with a cup of tea, to observe it’s aroma with the nose. After that, the students started to prepare their pizzas, engaging their sense of touch by kneading the dough with their hands. The entire process of pizza baking was observed visually, as the pizzas took shape and the cheese melted in the oven.

Participants of the cooking activity

 The students were divided into groups to encourage teamwork and collaboration. Each group had the opportunity to create and top their own pizza, giving them the freedom to express their creativity and visual perception.

Once the pizzas were baked, the most crucial sense came into play: the sense of taste. Participants had the chance to taste their homemade pizzas. Many expressed their delight at the flavours and the quality of the pizzas.

As a final activity, the participants prepared cookie dough together. They mixed the ingredients and shaped the dough into small cookies. The aroma of the freshly baked cookies filled the room, appealing to the senses once again. The students had the opportunity to taste and enjoy the freshly baked cookies.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the “Nourishing the Senses” activity. They relished the opportunity to cook and engage their senses. The food was deemed delicious and successful, contributing to a positive conclusion of the Peace COP Day.

The “Nourishing the Senses” activity not only provided students with an enjoyable and interactive cooking experience but also raised awareness about the importance of mindful eating and appreciating food. By involving the senses, a holistic approach to cooking and eating was conveyed and the food tasted delicious by the way.

LPC students preparing the cookie dough


Craig Hamilton