Shaping a Sustainable Future

UWC Day stands as an annual global celebration, dedicated to honoring the core mission and values of the United World Colleges (UWC). This momentous occasion serves as a platform to shed light on the crucial ideals of peace and sustainability, which play pivotal roles in sculpting a brighter future for our planet and all its inhabitants. The central theme for this year’s UWC day, “Shaping a Sustainable Future,” underscores our shared obligation to instigate positive transformations and collectively strive for a world that is not only harmonious but also environmentally responsible.

The conviction driving our efforts is that by fostering a deeper comprehension of both peace and sustainability, we can galvanize and empower one another to effect lasting change. To this end, an array of engaging activities and events was meticulously planned, ensuring that there was something meaningful for everyone to participate in.

To echo the theme, on 20 of September, a 24-hour UWC Changshu China cycle challenge initiated by our students kicked off this year’s UWC day. More than 50 students and teachers joined the challenge. They took turns cycling, supporting each other and completing the challenge with tenacity and unity.

Then on the 21st, UWC Changshu’s UWC Day commenced with an invigorating early morning run and an opening ceremony that emphasized the critical importance of raising awareness and taking concrete actions toward a sustainable future. This occasion also offered an opportunity to embrace and celebrate the rich tapestry of cultural diversity and the values of peace.

This year’s activities were organized into three main categories: Workshops on Action, Workshops on Awareness, and Workshops on Solutions.

Workshops on Action: These sessions were designed to actively involve students in practical initiatives aimed at bringing about positive change. The “Gardening” workshop, for instance, encouraged participants to actively engage in environmental conservation and community building. “Plant-Based Food” promoted the idea of peaceful coexistence with all living beings and the planet we share. The “Raft Building” workshop, on the other hand, fostered creativity and a deeper understanding of waste management issues. Meanwhile, the “Origami” workshop combined the art of paper folding with mindfulness, creativity, and environmental awareness.

Workshops on Awareness: These workshops included a panel discussion featuring Carma Elliot from the UWC International Office, Wesley Chiu, a board member of UWC Changshu, and Yutian Zhou, Deputy Director of Admissions and Alumni Affairs at UWC Changshu and graduate of Pearson College. The goal was to contribute to collective efforts toward a more peaceful and sustainable world by facilitating meaningful interactions and knowledge sharing. Following the panel discussion, each speaker organized a “Human Library” session. Additionally, a documentary screening served as a source of empowerment, inspiring participants to make a positive difference in their lives and contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world. A “Kayak Clean-Up” session raised awareness about environmental issues, the impact of pollution on ecosystems, and the importance of responsible waste management.

Workshops on Solutions: This segment featured a “Sustainability Hackathon” geared towards nurturing creativity and the exploration of possible solutions. Role-playing games, a fashion hub, drama performances, and freewriting exercises illustrated various avenues through which sustainability could be championed.


The day concluded with an evening gala, characterized by outstanding performances from our diverse and talented community.


UWC Day was an outstanding occasion that showcased the unwavering commitment and dedication of both students and staff in championing the ideals of sustainability. It served as a testament to the power of collective action in shaping a more peaceful and sustainable world.



Lusine Margaryan