Susco discussion – the fashion industry

The fashion industry is undeniably one of the most influential and fast paced sectors of our current global economy. Susco students organised an open discussion about this important topic and reflected on key concepts connected to this important topic for sustainability: child labour, workplace incidents, single-use products from all over the world, high carbon footprints, unsustainable materials, greenwashing… According to UN data, the fashion industry is responsible for 8-10% of global emissions and this percentage is only on the rise.

Some questions that really got the debate going are reported here:

  • Who is responsible – the producer or the consumer?
  • Is the concept of “throwaway culture” in fashion an inevitable consequence of consumer desires, or can it be changed through education and awareness?
  • Is the concept of “seasonal” fashion collections compatible with sustainability, or should the industry move towards a more timeless approach?
  • Can sustainable fashion ever truly be “trendy,” or is it more about timeless style and longevity?
  • Should we ban fast fashion shopping websites from UWC Adriatic?


Giulia Postal