Sustainable Solution for Medical Center’s Food delivery

UWC Dilijan College has successfully implemented a commendable sustainability project within its medical center, aimed at reducing plastic waste. By addressing the issue of disposable plastic packaging used for patient meals, the college has taken proactive steps towards environmental responsibility. Through the adoption of reusable food containers made of stainless steel, the college has not only eliminated the generation of plastic waste but also achieved significant cost savings.

Previously, the medical center relied on disposable plastic packaging to deliver food to patients. Unfortunately, this single-use packaging, which could not be recycled within Armenia, resulted in unnecessary plastic waste. Each package was used for a mere 15 minutes before being discarded. Recognizing the environmental impact of this practice, UWC Dilijan College’s Sustainability Committee decided to take action.

In a proactive move, the committee spearheaded the decision to eliminate the use of disposable plastic packaging in favor of reusable food containers made of stainless steel. These containers were carefully selected to be dishwasher-safe, allowing for easy cleaning alongside other dishes used in the canteen. The initial investment in purchasing these containers proved to be a worthwhile decision, as the costs were quickly offset within the first month of implementation.

The transition to reusable food containers has yielded both environmental and financial benefits for UWC Dilijan College. By eliminating disposable plastic packaging, the college has significantly reduced its plastic waste output, contributing to a cleaner and greener campus. Furthermore, the college’s financial reports reflect a substantial reduction in monthly expenses related to disposable packaging, which previously ranged from $600 to $800. The cost savings resulting from this shift towards sustainability have had a positive impact on the college’s overall financial stability.

UWC Dilijan College’s commitment to sustainability sets an example for other institutions and organizations. By addressing the issue of plastic waste in a practical and cost-effective manner, the college showcases the importance of sustainable decision-making. This project not only aligns with global efforts to combat plastic pollution but also reinforces the college’s dedication to fostering a more environmentally conscious community.

UWC Dilijan College’s sustainability project within its medical center exemplifies the power of proactive action in achieving environmental and financial benefits. Through the adoption of reusable food containers made of stainless steel, the college has successfully eliminated the use of disposable plastic packaging, significantly reducing plastic waste generation. This initiative serves as a model for other institutions, highlighting the importance of sustainable practices and demonstrating that small changes can lead to significant positive impacts. UWC Dilijan College continues to pave the way for a greener future, ensuring the well-being of both the environment and its campus community.


Samvel Hakobyan