WC Atlantic Systems Transformation Pathway 1

The Systems Transformation Pathway at Atlantic College

At UWC Atlantic, we have developed and are piloting a bespoke academic pathway in a groundbreaking partnership with the International Baccalaureate, launched with a pioneer cohort of 24 students in August 2023. Our Systems Transformation Pathway within the IBDP centers what it means to educate for just futures, for collective liberation, for mutual thriving of people and planet. In the place of two Standard Level subjects, students are taking a 14-point course where they learn and practice how to initiate systems-level interventions in the sustainability-related impact areas of Food, Energy, Biodiversity, and less obviously, Migration.

This program is reshaping our campus into an action lab for transformative change, and promises to place sustainability-focused and action-oriented learning firmly at the core of what a UWC and IB education looks like in the future. New ‘Prentis’ co curriculars complement the impact areas with Atlantic College Energy, Diaspora Documentaries, Empower-IT, and Narratives for Social Change, among this year’s offerings.

The UWC Atlantic Systems Transformation Pathway

The UWC Atlantic Systems Transformation Pathway