WC Atlantic The Valley organic farm

“The Valley” organic farm at Atlantic College

The Valley is UWC Atlantic’s organic farm here on campus run by SusCo (short for Sustainability Council), a student-led organisation promoting sustainability across all areas of college life. This activity which organizes whole-campus service is guided by a core volunteer staff and ensures fresh produce with zero food miles is available to all community members.

UWC Atlantic The Valley organic farm

UWC Atlantic The Valley organic farm

Abundant, seasonal harvests are also provided directly to our caterer Holyroyd Howe for use in the school canteen. New initiatives this year will see food preservation as well as supply to our Hot2Go student restaurant. The Valley activities are aligned with our current Sustainability Policy (first authored by SusCo members in 2011), ensuring accountable use of our natural resources, targeted reductions in energy use, as well as sustainable consumption and waste management. UWC Atlantic’s new Systems Transformation Pathway also promotes Biodiversity and Food impact areas encompassing both human and ecosystem health and well-being. For the new IBDP pathway, the Valley serves as a living laboratory for food production, community engagement, and sustainability education.