UWCSEA East Campus Nest facility

Urban Gardening and Permaculture at UWCSEA East Campus: Sustainable Solutions for Modern Challenges

Nestled atop the UWCSEA East Campus is The Nest, a 6th-floor botanical oasis, home to the pioneering Propagation and Urban Gardening Services. Both these student-led initiatives do more than just beautify the campus—they bring to life the principles of permaculture, offering sustainable solutions to today’s urban challenges.

The Propagation Service, rooted deeply in permaculture ethics, focuses on cultivating new plants from seeds or cuttings. Students not only amplify campus biodiversity but also engage with various stakeholders that may need the plants to make drinks, natural dyes or soaps.

The Urban Gardening Service provides hands-on experience in tropical botany. But at its core, it’s an exploration of permaculture in an urban setting. As cities grow, creating pockets of green spaces and integrating permaculture practices becomes essential. This service showcases how urban gardens can be more than aesthetic delights; they can be reservoirs of sustainability.

A critical facet of this service is addressing food insecurity in urban environments. By promoting the growth of edible plants and fostering connections with external community members the service emphasizes the role of urban gardening in strengthening local food systems. 

UWCSEA East Campus isn’t just sowing seeds and plants—it’s nurturing the ethos of urban permaculture, marrying sustainability with modern urban living, and providing solutions to pressing challenges like food insecurity.


Sarah Farheenshah Begum