Four students hugging and posing to the camera inside a small container

UWC Costa Rica students become The Earth Prize 2023 Scholars

About Polygon:

“Our solution is software that reduces excess consumer food waste caused by overlooked expiration dates. Every year, approximately 33% of purchased food is disposed of, with 20% caused by expiration date uncertainty. Carbon dioxide emissions from food waste exceed combined airplane, plastic production, and oil extraction emissions. Unawareness of food expiration dates creates a farm-to-landfill trajectory of organic nutritional waste. Our software increases users’ awareness of their personal foodstuffs by alerting them when their food is on the cusp of expiration. This will limit household food waste from expiry and reduce the purchase of unnecessary foodstuffs when shopping. We are scaling our software by integrating with grocery stores to reach a larger user base and hope to expand to more cities in the future. Our mission is to improve global food consumption habits, and the Polygon software will make this possible for millions of people.”