UWC CSC Stuff Week



A four-week Anatomy Action (Sustainability) program focuses on sustainable practices and lifestyles and is one of the steps UWC CSC is taking to raise awareness and change the world. Sustainability is not just a one-day event. The UWC CSC community recognizes the importance of acting toward a greener future and building a habit of living sustainably.

There are actions that everyone can take to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. The areas we are looking at are: the food we eat, the stuff we buy, the way we move around, and the fun things we do. Another important aspect that is connected to UWC CSC is how to use technology to find solutions to sustainability issues.

The stuff week is concentrating on the three Rs of reuse, recycle, and resell, and on RETHINKING about what we buy, use, and how we do it. During the week we organized discussions about Fast Fashion and Greenwashing. This year students and staff organized different recycling, reusing, and repairing activities. We organized large free secondary market, and we opened the Swap shop on campus. Students organized workshops on creating materials that can replace plastic and make less impact on the environment. Students participated in a Fish skin and bone processing workshop where they created clothes and jewelry which is part of the culture of the Hezhe ethnic group in China. The Christmas mood saw the creation of ornaments from wastepaper and the decorating of the common rooms.

During this week, UWC community came together to prioritize sustainability and we are proud of the efforts made by our students and staff, and we hope to continue these sustainable practices into the future.


Lusine Margaryan