UWC Maastricht participates in Climate Change Theatre Action festival

As part of UWC Day 2023 celebrations, our 664 Middle and High School students and 43 teachers and members of staff participated in the Climate Change Theatre Action 2023 festival. Climate Change Theatre Action is a global festival of short plays about the climate crisis that brings communities together to take local and global action on climate.

During UWC Day, on 21 September, our students and staff -whether in their tutor group time or the workshops allocated for this day-  read most of the plays submitted by this year’s collaborating playwrights, among whom is Lana Nasser, a UWC alumna based in The Netherlands who kindly informed us about this opportunity.

The plays were read aloud in each class and then students engaged in a guided  discussion about its content, the Sustainability issues addressed in each piece, how this relates to their own communities/countries/situations. It was a great opportunity for all of us to experience some current and vivid examples of Climate Action in the Arts via this great initiative. We hope to be able to celebrate an actual performance event of the plays in the future.