Maki, Emily, Julian and Phuntsok, Glacier project 2023, UWCRCN

UWC RCN/ CNN Call to Earth Glacier Project

UWC Red Cross Nordic is one of seven schools invited to participate in the CNN “Call to Earth Guardians Program”. This is an initiative dedicated to conservation, environmentalism, and sustainability. The selected schools are located in different biomes, selected because their natural environments are crucial to the health of the earth’s oceans. The UWC RCN campus is located close to mainland Europe’s largest glacier and our students have been tasked to raise awareness about the consequences of climate change and global warming on glaciers. Working with a member of our faculty and a local glaciologist, a team of eight RCN students engage in research, check archives, read reports, conduct interviews and consult experts to investigate and understand glacial retreat. This first-hand experience will provide a unique insight into the challenges of establishing valid, reliable and impactful data to demonstrate the impact of global warming. Furthermore, our students will write reports for CNN and be interviewed on their findings. This form of experiential learning will demonstrate the potential of research combined with a global media source, such as CNN, as a source for social and political action.


Ulrike Lindfield Roberts