UWC RCN Coastal Clean-Up 2022

UWC RCN/ Fjordane Friluftsrad Coastal Clean-Up

Every October RCN students support the Fjordane Friluftsrad Coastal Clean-Up as part of our Project Based Learning week. This involves joining the crew and living on a traditional boat which sails up the western coast of Norway visiting the nearby and outer islands to collect waste material washed up on the shoreline of remote islands. While the usual waste materials are discarded fishing ropes and nets, the students always find some very peculiar items, such as Russian candy wrappers or Finnish soda bottles amongst the international garbage. Raising awareness of plastic waste through the experience of engaging in its removal is an emotional as well as transformative experience, especially as our students attend lectures in the evenings where they learn more about the terrible impact plastic can have on marine life. The project also requires students to share in the domestic duties of living on board a traditional boat, and it is a valuable UWC bonding experience.


Ulrike Lindfield Roberts