Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA water harvesting

Water Harvesting at Waterford Kamhlaba

Waterford Kamhlaba looks forward to being completely self-sustainable water-wise and having zero carbon emissions. Its top dam was the first dam built at the school, as the school grew larger the dam capacity was not sufficient to supply the needs of the school, so a second dam was built to increase the supply of water for the school. As well as the extra dam, sumps were built to capture the underground water that is pumped into the dams. The college also harvests rainwater from the larger roofs on campus including the classroom block, and the cafeteria. The harvested water is directed into the dams. The school’s tank capacity, which feeds the school with water of about 340,000 litres, has nineteen 10,000 litre tanks and one 150,000 litre storage tank. The school uses approximately 120,000 litres of water a day.