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UWC Dilijan was founded in 2014. It is located on the territory of the small resort town of Dilijan with a population of about 15 thousand people.

The campus is located on the banks of the “Aghstev” river between forested hills. On campus there is an alley, a football pitch with natural grass and a green area with fruit trees.

The position of the Sustainable coordinator was established at the end of 2022 and at the beginning of 2023 it is planned to form the college Sustainability committee, which will include students, teachers, representatives of the administration and the parent committee members.

The Student Sustainability Committee was established earlier at the beginning of the academic year and has initiated several short- and medium-term projects.

Last summer, the first significant step was taken in the way of implementation of the sustainable development principles into campus life. About 180 solar panels were installed, which made it possible to use renewable energy sources and reduce the usage of the energy coming from public networks.

The following projects are in progress now:

  • A curriculum is being developed to introduce the concept of sustainable development as a subject of study for all students:
  • Campus energy audit project is in progress to find and identify areas of inefficient use of electricity and develop proposals for reducing the average electricity consumption per person.
  • Together with other UWC colleges, using a software tool developed by RBC, the carbon footprint of the college is in the calculation process.
  • A project has been initiated to set up a free second hand store and a program to collect clothes left behind by alumni and sort and distribute them to new students.
  • A project is under development to collect and use spring and drainage water sources located on campus to irrigate the green areas of the campus.

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