UWC East Africa (Moshi & Arusha Campus)

Founded in 2021 by students of UWC East Africa and by our Sustainability Coordinator, the Moshi Campus Sustainability Committee aims at ensuring that the school abides by the UWC mission of creating a sustainable future. Our campus, being located at the foot of Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, we acknowledge our responsibility to our host community to participate in the protection and  preservation of this unique abundant biodiversity. Hence, ensuring the sustainability of, not only our campus but also of our region, is primordial to our committee.

Our committee also plays a considerable role in spreading awareness amongst our PYP, MYP and DP students. In addition to students, we extend our awareness and sustainability methods to the staff of our campus. To lead constructive change, we also aim at holding an advisory role to the school’s Leadership team to ensure sustainable measures being adopted in decision-making. To trigger greater change, the UWCEA Moshi Sustainability Committee has also been nationally involved through Pre-COP movements, and internationally involved through constructive youth proposals sent to COP Presidencies through the United Nations.

Focussing on 3 main working groups, we have constructed our approach such that constant monitoring is made with regards to our priorities. Our current working groups are Waste management, Water Consumption and Carbon Footprint. From finding affordable clean energies to researching efficient carbon offsetting measures and collaborating with local recycling plants, our Sustainability committee has become a key element of the UWCEA Moshi campus. Despite local restrictions and, taking into account economic and technological factors of living in Africa, we are finding innovative measures for sustainable development and for creating a positive impact on communities.


Key facts

Sustainability coordinators

Philip Bowen (Arusha Campus)
Ken Grob (Moshi Campus)
William Taylor (Moshi Campus)

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