Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa

Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA, one of the first multi-racial schools in southern Africa, aims at going off the grid by 2030, as part of its strategic goals. As it celebrates 60 years of existence this year, the school is accelerating its sustainability efforts. The school’s strategic intent is to be the leading African school in sustainability education, planning to go solar and be 100% off the grid by 2030. Other environmental projects in place include water purification and harvesting, greywater recycling, a bio-digester, and a permaculture garden.

Central to the school’s deeper commitment to the environment and sustainability, it aims to have sustainable practices embedded in all aspects of the curriculum and in the operation of the school ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

Commenting on the future, Jackie Otula, the Principal of the school said: “We are committed and excited by the journey ahead driving our vision to be the leading school in sustainability education and practices, promoting sound environmental practices and doubling our efforts to achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to be carbon neutral by 2030.”

Key facts