Fast fashion: a week long focus

April is our sustainability month – a time when we reflect more and channel our energies towards holistic sustainable practices, both inside and outside our community.

Our fantastic Susco has decided to focus once again on the fashion industry, bringing in stories from our own community and pushing for a shift in mindset when we think of clothing and consumerism.

On Thursday 11 April 2024 there was a focus called: ‘Fast fashion – what are you doing about this?’

On Friday 12 April 2024 there was a Swap Party in one of our dayrooms – dress code was strictly second hand or clothing swapped with people for the occasion; upon arrival, if you brought clothes, you got a ticket; when you found something to swap with, you handed in your ticket – it was that simple!

It was a great success and a chance for our Secondi (Y2) to tidy up some clothes in these last few weeks of UWC College life!


Giulia Postal