UWC South East Asia

UWCSEA in Singapore has two campuses, Dover and East, which together host more than 6000 students.

UWC Dover 

Situated in Asia’s Garden City, UWCSEA Dover Campus has recently celebrated 50 Years and the campus is a beautiful combination of heritage trees, green areas and learning spaces. 

The commitment to sustainability is widespread through the service program as well as embedded in the curriculum, though of course we are always striving to do more. We work with Singapore National Parks on a Rainforest Restoration project, grow edible plants on campus, compost as much waste as we can and connect with community gardening and environmental groups. From K-12 sustainability is part of the experience, from worm farms and mini gardens in the kindergarten to the Grade 5 expo, Middle School sustainability themes for each grade level and sustainability conscious outdoor education trips; the student experience is rich in connections to sustainability. 

This year the sustainability team is focusing on:

  • Connecting with Nature on Campus
  • Ecoliteracy and connections with curriculum
  • Connecting and collaborating with places and experts in Singapore
  • Making awareness raising in the community more intentional with a deeper learning connection

This is where our journey is headed, wish us luck!


Situated in the East part of Singapore, UWCSEA East is now 15 years. Since its construction, our campus was designed with sustainability in mind, with a particular focus on reducing water and energy consumption. Despite its limited plot size, UWCSEA East features 9 environmental classrooms, which includes a chicken palace, and a perimeter food forest planted by our Grade 5 students. 

Under the leadership of the Service and Sustainable Development team, our sustainability journey is a K-12 effort, with environmental initiatives such as chicken based learning, composting, planting embedded in the primary curriculum, and a focus on embedding service and sustainability in the mission aligned classes SEEDS and Critical Perspective, in middle school and Grade 9 and 10 respectively. Our service program includes 22 environmental initiatives that focus on permaculture, zero waste, and conservation.

This year our team’s focus is:

  1. Increase quality of learning through the use of system thinking tools in our services
  2. Integrate experiential learning in the curriculum, with a focus on Critical Perspectives in G9 and G10, and SEED in G6 and G7
  3. Increase the use of our 9 environmental outdoor classrooms
  4. Understand more about eco-anxiety in our students and ensure our teaching of sustainable development focuses on hope

The Team:

Tamsin Armstrong,
Sustainability coordinator – Primary School
United World College of South East Asia – Dover Campus

Chris Sparks
Sustainability Coordinator – Middle School
United World College of South East Asia – Dover Campus

Josh Nobles
Sustainability Coordinator – High School
United World College of South East Asia – Dover Campus

Ee Peng Ang
Sustainability Technician
United World College of South East Asia – Dover Campus

Jacyl Ware

Jacyl Ware


Jacyl Ware 
Environmental Specialist, and Environmental Stewardship specialist (K-12)
United World College of South East Asia – East




Jemma Williams

Jemma WIlliams


Jemma Williams
Head of Primary School Environmental Stewardship
United World College of South East Asia – East

Key facts

Sustainability coordinators

Zoe Perry (Dover Campus Head of Environmental Sustainability / Head of Environmental Systems & Societies)
Valentina Zuin (East Campus Head of Environmental Sustainability K-12 Middle School and High School Environmental Stewardship Coordinator)

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Average carbon footprint per person


Climate strategy

Progress monitoring

Carbon offsetting

Renewable energy

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Sustainibility curriculum

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