UWC Mostar

UWC Mostar strives to engage many members of the community in the activities related to sustainability. A part of UWC Mostar’s sustainability efforts are related to the matters of sustainable clothing, which includes student-led flee markets, mending and embroidery workshops, and sustainable washing and drying practices.

Many activities in terms of sustainability are related to the legacy of the Zayed Sustainability Prize. The Prize included assistance for the finishing of the newest residence Santic, including more energy efficient window isolation, light switches, solar panels for water heating, as well as a green roof and green spaces in the residences. Students are continuing the legacy of green spaces by taking care of the plants and propagating more. All outdoor plants are selected according to the local biome conditions. The residential spaces are used for workshops.

UWC Mostar participated in the CNN Call to Earth in 2021 by organizing a planting seed competition at the school. Most activities want to include various members of the community through CAS and student commission.

Additionally, UWC Mostar tracks electricity consumption for the footprint calculations and comparative measurements across the years. UWC Mostar, having an open campus in the city, is connected to the electricity grid in the city, and receives a majority from renewable sources.

Sustainability Policy for the school has been written, adopted and published on our website.

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