Nature & Biodiversity

Back to the roots: growing our own food in school gardens, monitoring and protecting biodiversity on site and in surrounding areas – here is what we do to integrate positive interactions with nature into our lives.




Group of people on a trail that they have been working on

Trail Building at Pearson

A dedicated group of students and adults spent their Tuesday afternoon working on one of the most used trails at Pearson. We rerouted a small section to reduce erosion and…

Reforestation on Mt. Cerje with the Slovenian Forestry department

In summer 2022 after a long period of drought, our Karst/Kras area was affected by a number of wildfires. The intensity and size of the fires were unprecedented. We saw…

Tree Nursery at UWCEA Moshi

  An initiative by a group of students resulted in the creation of a tree nursery at UWC East Africa (Moshi Campus). We started raising funds following the outbreak of…

The Heartbeat of Sustainability: The Seed Library at UWCSEA East Campus

The Seed Library. Situated in the bustling heart of the school, within the Service and Sustainable Development Department’s office, this library isn’t just for students and staff but welcomes the…
UWCSEA East Campus Nest facility

Urban Gardening and Permaculture at UWCSEA East Campus: Sustainable Solutions for Modern Challenges

Nestled atop the UWCSEA East Campus is The Nest, a 6th-floor botanical oasis, home to the pioneering Propagation and Urban Gardening Services. Both these student-led initiatives do more than just…

Green Heart Blossoming

Increased activity and planning around the multi-purpose Green Heart outdoor learning space has moved into high-gear this past year, setting the stage for more to come. We shared the celebratory news last term of the Rainforest Restoration’s nursery permanent move to the Green Heart. Home to more than 200 indigenous…