UWC RCN Ecofeminism and Menstrual Poverty

UWC RCN Ecofeminism and Menstrual Poverty

Period cups offer a sustainable and valuable alternative to disposable menstrual products. They significantly reduce waste by being reusable for several years, lessening the burden on landfills and oceans. Moreover,…
UWC RCN house Greenies

UWC RCN House Greenies

UWC RCN students who support the recycling in the student houses and who are the contact for any information about sustainability within the residential houses, are called the House Greenies.…
UWC RCN Sustainability Core Group & Alumnus Sep 23

UWC RCN Activism

Like many of their age, RCN students are aware of the challenges that face their generation and respond by actively taking a stand. Some of them organised and joined one…
UWC RCN Coastal Clean-Up 2022

UWC RCN/ Fjordane Friluftsrad Coastal Clean-Up

Every October RCN students support the Fjordane Friluftsrad Coastal Clean-Up as part of our Project Based Learning week. This involves joining the crew and living on a traditional boat which…
Maki, Emily, Julian and Phuntsok, Glacier project 2023, UWCRCN

UWC RCN/ CNN Call to Earth Glacier Project

UWC Red Cross Nordic is one of seven schools invited to participate in the CNN “Call to Earth Guardians Program”. This is an initiative dedicated to conservation, environmentalism, and sustainability.…