Events, Initiatives & Activism

From special focus days to dedicated project weeks, from CAS to college jobs, from orientation week to closing ceremonies – here’s an overview of events and activities at our Colleges with a focus on climate action and sustainability.




Project week – Sustainability workshops with a local school

The main goal of this project held in October 2023 was to deliver workshops and activities with the topic of sustainability at a local high school in Stolac. It  was…

UWC Day – 21/9/23

On Thursday 21 September the UWC movement celebrated UWC Day and the theme for this year was ‘Shaping a sustainable future’. At Adriatic we choose to focus on one of…

Students are very excited to work towards making the community more sustainable, and the student committee is currently in the process of recruiting DP1s interested in joining the students sustainability committee. In the spirit of the theme of UWC Day this year, we organized a cleanup day in Dilijan, in…
Pearson UWC Sustainability Squad at ISABC Environment Conference

Pearson UWC Students at ISABC Environmental Conference

Students from Pearson UWC visited the inaugural 2023 ISABC Environmental Student Conference at the University of British Columbia, where the school’s Climate Action Leadership Diploma cohort spoke.
Pearson UWC - CAS Week 2023

Pearson UWC CAS Week

During the 2022 CAS week, Pearson UWC students engaged in local, sustainable activities with residents, including a local Habitat Acquisition Trust office where they learned to glean and package native…

Green Week & Sustainability Days

SUSCO, The Student Sustainability Council here at UWC Adriatic, are very active throughout the school year; each term, they pool their efforts to host a Green Week to raise and…

‘Liveable Cities of the Future’ Project Week

How can we design and develop livable cities for the future? This question will be explored during a week-long interdisciplinary learning experience at RBC. With regular classes suspended and through…